Thursday, December 16, 2010

TWITTER: Most Influential Celebrities

Tyrese Gibson has been officially named by Forbes as the 13th Most Influential Celebrity on Twitter. 

Tyrese shared a link today with his followers which linked to an article listing Forbes Top 20 Most Influential Twitter Celebs. Teen sensation Justin Beiber topped the list at #1. Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Sean "Diddy" Combs and Katy Perry also made the list. Surprisingly one of the most famous celebs on Twitter and 1st person to ever reach 1 million followers actor Ashton Kutcher didn't make Forbe's list. 

Most importantly our favourite Tyrese was number #13 on the list. This comes as no surprise after the amazing year of motivation he has provided his followers who are part his Love Circle. However in my opinion Tyrese should have been #1 because of his true daily devotion to his 1 million loyal followers. Tyrese appreciated my perspective by re-tweeting one of my twitter replies today (tweeted from my personal account).  

THANK YOU Tyrese for the ReTweet and for also inspiring us everyday via Twitter! I know that he has truly changed my way of thinking and encouraged me to think about who and what is important in life. I am sure that he will continue to motivate and inspire his followers for years to come. 

Celebrities are listed based on their "Klout" Score (listed below) which is basically a measure of the "impact of your opinions, links and recommendations across your social graph"

Forbes 2010 Most Influential Twitter Celebrities
1. justinbieber 100
2. paulocoelho 96
3. joejonas 92
4. kanyewest 90.9
5. DalaiLama 90.6
6. nickjonas 90.1
7. ladygaga 89.6
8. ConanOBrien 89
9. iamdiddy 88.9
10. yelyahwilliams 88.8
11. BarackObama 88.5
12. KimKardashian 88.5
13. Tyrese 87.9
14. federicodevito 87.7
15. joseserra_ 87.1
16. TheEllenShow 87.04
17. AngelaSimmons 87
18. katyperry 87
19. ebertchicago 86.7
20. RickWarren 86.7