Friday, April 8, 2011

BOOK: How To Get Out of Your Own Way

Tyrese Gibson's new Book "How To Get Out of Your Own Way" is now officially in stores. Available at Barnes and Noble book stores and online at It's also available in digital format via iTunes (iBooks), Kindle and Nook. 

I received my copy of How To Get Out of Your Own Way 3 days ago (April 5th). I pre-ordered online from on March 7th and only paid $12.74. The shipping to Australia (from USA) was only $9.98. So for less that $25 I got the book delivered to my door step! Very simple to order online and even cheaper than buying from a book store like Borders here in Australia (their price is $44.95). 

So far I am really enjoying reading this book. I am not a huge reader, I'm quite a slow reader and when it comes to reading Novels I would rather watch the movie, than sit down and read the book. But I would have to say, that this is one of the most well written books that I've ever read. Tyrese speaks the truth and his writing style is easy to read, even for young readers who I really think would benefit the most from the information, experiences and motivation he shares with us in this book. As Tyrese says he didn't write a Book he wrote Life and he certainly shares alot of secrets and personal experiences from his childhood in this book. The Childhood chapter is one of the highlights of the book and as a fan of Tyrese it's really interesting finding out all these details of his past. His childhood was a roller coaster ride of emotions and struggles and for this talented, intelligent man to emerge from such a "tough" childhood is truly remarkable. It makes you really appreciate your own life and childhood, and inspires me to reach for my dreams, goals and ambitions... Reading this book I am certainly learning how to get out of my own way as Tyrese teaches me about his Life and the lessons he has learnt in true Ghetto Style... I can say it's hard to put this book down, I want to keep reading even into the early hours of the morning when I should be sleeping! I can't put it down! 

I highly recommend purchasing this book, reading and sharing it with your loved ones. It going to be one of the hottest books of 2011, thats for sure. 

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