Tuesday, April 8, 2014


"I Need" Official Music Video 

The second single from TGT's new album Three Kings is "I Need". Check out the sexy new music video directed by Benny Boom featuring Tyrese, Tank and Ginuwine. 

Verse 2 [Tyrese]
Tired of being in the same place, 
I done ran out of ways to say I'm sorry,
Stand in front of a judge on the same case,
Tired of being dead last in the same race, 
I'll admit it, 
Probably should not did it, 
Trust is breaking down, 
I don't know how to fix it, 
We've been here before, 
Don't know how to act, 
If I let you walk out the door, 
I know you ain't coming back baby. 

I know I said that I was gonna change a long time ago, 
That's what I said (I said, I said)
Guess it takes some dirt in order for a real man to grow. 

TGT - I Need [Official Video]

Official: www.tgtlife.com
Youtube: Youtube.com/TGTlife